Projector Sleeve, Short Barrel

Projector Sleeve, Short Barrel

Projector Sleeve, Short Barrel

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Works for BOTH our AK & AR short barrel muzzle devices*!

Precision machined in the USA from 4140 steel with choice of a traditional Mag Phosphate or black matte Mag Phosphate protective coating.

This projector sleeve is designed to work in conjunction with BOTH our AR short barrel muzzle brakes (4 Slot & 3 Slot) AND our short barrel AK-47 14-1 LH muzzle devices (3-Slot Vortex & 4-Slot Vent) to direct muzzle blast, flash and sound away from the shooter when used in close, confined spaces.

Projector Sleeve OL ~ 2.25"
Projector Sleeve OD ~ 1 9/16"
Weight ~ 6.6oz

Photos taken with a 10.5" 5.56 barrel using 55 gr FMJBT XM193 - Federal American Eagle ammo.

Projector Sleeve Only - Muzzle devices sold separately

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