Misc. Platforms

Misc. Platforms

Misc. Platforms

DI Damage Industries Logo Sticker, 2x6 Vinyl Indoor/Outdoor


Damage Industries Vinyl Indoor/Outdoor StickerDimensions: 2" x 6"Qty 1Made in the USA..

Insert, Chamber, 40mm to 12 Gauge Shotgun Shell Black


40mm InsertAllows use of 12ga shotshell type ammunition when inserted into chamber of 40 x 46mm gren..

STG-556 1913 Add-on Side Accessory Rail 23 Slot MSAR


Upgrade your MSAR StG-556 Rifle with Damage Industries'  23-slot Mil-Std 1913 Side Mounting A..

Insert, Chamber, 40mm to 20 Gauge Shotgun Shell, Black


BACK IN STOCKPrecision machined in the USA from solid billet aluminum and hardcoat anodized to MIL..

M14/M1A Front Sight Dovetail Cover


Dovetail Protective Cover for the M-14/M-1A 7.62mm Rifle Front Sight mount. Cover is used to prote..

M2 60mm Mortar Firing Pin


Firing Pin for the US M2 60mm Mortar. Original specification firing pin Made from ordnance grade 4..

M240/249 Ammunition Can Holder


7.62 Ammunition Can Holder for use with M-240, M-240B, MK48, M-249 SAW, & Mk46 Belt Fed Machin..

M240/249 LW Alloy Pintle Mount with Can Holder


Gun Mount Cradle Assembly for use with M-240, M-240B, MK48, M-249 SAW, & Mk46 Belt Fed Machine..

M249 Feed Pawl Spring


M249 Feed Pawl SpringMade in USA...

M249 Feed Pawl Spring, 100 count


1 bag of 100 M249 Feed Pawl Springs made in the USA...

M2HB Parts Kit


Includes:(1) M2HB Top Cover Latch FlatUS Govt PN 6008931(1) M2HB Spring, Flat Back Plate, Latch Lock..

M60 Forearm Latch


M60 Forearm LatchNo one likes a loose forend, especially on an M60 Machine Gun. Latch yours down wit..

MG34 Forward Grip


Modernize your MG-34 with the Damage Industries MG-34 Grip. This assembly updates the WWII German ..

Molle 40mm Grenade Pouch, Single, Digital Camo


Open bottom, multi-purpose pouch. Made in the USA from nylon. Molle II compatible, strap & snap ..

Nightforce Scope Ring Accessory Rail, 30mm


These are a US Government contract overrun, only a few available. The Mini Rail is designed to all..

Spring Pin, Ejector, M9 Beretta 92


Made in USA...

Spring, Disassembly, M9 Beretta 92


Made in USA...

STG-556 1913 Side Accessory Rail 7 Slot MSAR


Upgrade your MSAR StG-556 rifle with Damage Industries' 7-slot Mil-Std 1913 Side Mounting Accessor..

Trunnion Receiver Barrel PPS43 SMG


Original Style, 4140 steel availabe in black.Requires barrel pin & riveting.Made in the USA..

Washer, Lock, M9 Beretta 92


Made in USA...

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