Machine Guns & Destructive Devices

Machine Guns & Destructive Devices

M2 60mm Mortar Firing Pin


Firing Pin for the US M2 60mm Mortar. These original specification firing pins are made from ordna..

M240/249 Ammunition Can Holder


7.62 Ammunition Can Holder for use with M-240, M-240B, MK48, M-249 SAW, & Mk46 Belt Fed Machin..

M249 Feed Pawl Spring


Made in USA...

M249 Feed Pawl Spring, 100 count


1 bag of 100 M249 Feed Pawl Springs made in the USA...

M2HB Parts Kit


Includes:(1) M2HB Top Cover Latch FlatUS Govt PN 6008931(1) M2HB Spring, Flat Back Plate, Latch Lock..

M60 Forearm Latch


No one likes a loose forend, especially on an M60 Machine Gun. Latch yours down with a new replaceme..

MG34 Forward Grip


Modernize your MG-34 with the Damage Industries MG-34 Grip. This assembly updates the WWII German ..

Molle 40mm Grenade Pouch, Single, Digital Camo


Open bottom, multi-purpose pouch. Made in the USA from nylon. Molle II compatible, strap & snap ..

Trunnion Receiver Barrel PPS43 SMG


Original Style, 4140 steel availabe in black.Requires barrel pin & riveting.Made in the USA..

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